Enjoying Health and Happiness


Making Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Moving a body back towards a healthy weight may be a necessity for those facing dire consequences. Leaving behind their favourite foods, the sedentary activities they love, and even skipping social engagements where they are tempted to go off their new regimen may all be part of their new lifestyle. It may feel like they are being punished for bad behaviour at first. Learning how to live with their new lifestyle and making permanent changes will eventually become normal.

Habits are often harder to form that people realize. Those seeking a new level of health may find that creating good habits is a challenge. They might want to eat the same foods, but they know that will not help them shape up. Rather than meeting with friends and loved ones at their usual places, finding new ways to get together could become a necessity. Leaving behind that restaurant where snacking and partaking of adult beverages might be difficult. It will pay off in the long run, and learning how to avoid overindulging with others in a social setting is important.

Food is often a part of how families share their time together, and many families do try to include foods that are within the dietary parameters necessary to their members. This may not be possible for some during special holidays. Learning how to eat just a little may be the lesson a person learns so they can socialize without adding to their health concerns. It may be difficult, but the family will adjust to their new outlook over time.

Being with others when making major changes in lifestyle can be difficult when only one person is making changes. Friends and family members may not be quite certain of how to help. Letting them know that a new diet and exercise regimen means eating less or foregoing certain foods is best, but it should be done with compassion for their traditions and feelings.